Internal Collaborators – University of Pittsburgh

Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Department of Radiology

Department of Anesthesiology

  • James Ibinson, MD, PhD
    • Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Keith Vogt, MD, PhD
    • Anesthesia neuromodulation of pain and memory

Department of Medicine

Department of Epidemiology

Department of Pathology

  • Milos Ikonomovic, PhD
    • Histopathology
  • Julia Kofler, MD
    • Histopathology

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Health and Physical Activity

Department of Neurology

  • Beth Snitz, PhD
    • Alzheimer’s disease
    • Cognitive decline in aging
  • Zongqi Xia, MD, PhD
    • Multiple Sclerosis

Department of Plastic Surgery

Department of Critical Care Medicine

  • Timothy Girard, MD, MSCI
    • Long-term outcomes after critical illness
    • Delirium during critical illness and subsequent cognitive outcomes

Department of Communication Science and Disorders

  • Kevin Sitek, PhD
    • Investigating the human sensory brainstem with MRI

External Collaborators

  • Leonardo Angelone, PhD (FDA)
    • RF Coil Testing
  • Akram Hosseini, MD, MRCP, PhD
  • Sudha Seshadri,┬áM.D. (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Department of Neurology)
  • Sunder Rajan, PhD (FDA)
  • Essa Yacoub, PhD (University of Minnesota, Department of Radiology)
    • MRI Developments