Equipment and Resources

The RF Research Facility (BST3 building at University of Pittsburgh) contains all the necessary equipment for electromagnetic testing including 3 network analyzers, RF and LF impedance analyzers, frequency synthesizer and oscilloscopes.

The associated mechanical workshop has a lathe and milling machine with accessories for fabrication of metal, fiberglass and plastic supports for antennas, coils and phantoms.



Machine Shop



Other equipment in the RF Research Facility includes

  • 12-channel network analyzer

  • RF conductivity and dielectric constant meter

  • DAK: high-precision dielectric measurement system for fast and reliable evaluation of liquids, solids and semi-solids


  • 8-channel fiber optic thermometery

  • Chemistry kits for designing biological phantoms


  • Access to a 3D printer



Computational Capabilities in RF Research Facility

  • Super computer cluster: +352-Core/1.3TB (RAM) 64-bit Opteron Architecture

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